Quickstart Guide

This QuickStart guide for KADE miniConsole applies to both the cased and Maker versions.

Basic use

The KADE miniConsole+ is ready to use out of the package.  You can plug and play any input or outputs with default settings.  You do not need to do any custom mappings or use the mapping software if you don’t want to.

Things to remember

  • Only plug into one device at a time- don’t plug into USB and rj45 wii/PSX at the same time
  • Plug controller into adapter cable then into miniConsole+.  If you are going to change controllers of the same type, for best results unplug the converter cable then change the controller and plug it back in.
  • Do not hold any buttons or sticks on the controller as you plug the converter cable into the miniConsole+

Advanced Use

You can customize the mapping used on your miniConsole+ for each input and output combination using our mapping software

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