QuickStart Guide

This QuickStart guide for KADE miniArcade applies to both the purple (KickStarter) limited edition hardware and the red hardware.  If you purchased a DIY kit, start here then come back to this page.

KADE miniArcade Hardware

1. Download the windows based KADE Loader software here.

2. Run the setup.exe program to start the setup wizard and follow the onscreen instuctions.
We recommend that you accept all of the default installation locations.

Run the setup wizard

3. After successful installation you will see the following screen.
Click “Finish” to start KADE Loader for the first time.

Successful installation screen

4. KADE Loader will start and you will see a screen like the following.

Loader start

5. Insert KADE your KADE device into a USB port.
KADE miniArcade should be detected automatically and the system should find and install the necessary (Minimus AVR) device drivers. A confirmation of the KADE board found should appear in the bottom right corner, as per the following image. Note that the board name will vary depending on the version of the KADE hardware that you are using.

KADE connected

6. If KADE is detected then you can skip to step 8.

Note that KADE devices should be shipped in programming mode unless you have specified otherwise when ordering.  After it is programed  the first time, it will need to manually be put into  programming mode.

To enter programming mode you need to press the small buttons in the following sequence while KADE is connected to a USB port:

  • Press and hold the RST button
  • Press and hold the HWB button
  • Release the RST button
  • Release the HWB button

7. If KADE is detected then you can skip to step 8.
If KADE is not detected then manual driver installation will be necessary, for this you should refer to the manual driver installation instructions.

8. Your KADE miniArcade device is now ready for programming.
Select the firmware that you would like to use from those available.

9. Click the customise option if you want to customise the mappings or you can stick with the default mappings as per the mapping table which is displayed in the documentation window.

10. We recommend that the mapping table is printed for later reference when wiring the KADE. Select “Print Preview” and then click on the printer icon to print the mapping table.

KADE Mapping Print

11. Click the “Program KADE with Selected Firmware” button. The KADE miniArcade will now be updated with your chosen firmware and mappings.

KADE is programmed

12. The PSX (Playstation 1 & 2) firmware does not use USB for connection to the console and requires special wiring.
Please refer to this instruction page when connecting KADE miniArcade to PSX consoles.

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