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A huge thank you from the KADE team

We’d like to say a huge thanks to our 175 Kickstarter backers for believing in our project and helping us to make it happen. We’re totally stoked that we achieved well over 500% funding for the miniConsole+ and we’re super

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RetroArch now comes with official support for miniConsole+

KADE miniConsole+ is now officially supported by RetroArch emulator software and many of its derivative gaming frontends which run on systems including Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows, Mac, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox and Xbox360. RetroArch automatically configures the controls when miniConsole+

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Kickstarter stretch goals

THANK YOU so much to our Kickstarter backers for your help in getting us to £10,000 (over 400% funded) and for making a commitment to our project. We are thrilled that miniConsole+ has succeeded and have now turned our attention

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KADE miniConsole+ | Raspberry Pi Project

Here’s a new video walk through of Kevin’s Raspberry Pi powered, all-in-one, two player arcade and console gaming system. You can get yourself a miniConsole+ and help support our project by backing our Kickstarter project.      

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Tour of custom KADE fightstick powered by miniConsole+

Here’s a tour of the KADE powered fightstick that we’ll be giving away in our Facebook and Twitter contest. This is a one of a kind fightstick, built with top quality components and powered by KADE miniConsole+. We’ll post information about

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Kickstarter launch on April 30th, 2015

We need your help! Since our last kickstarter in 2013, we have been working on a new device that connects a wide range of arcade and console controllers to a multitude of computers and gaming consoles.  We call this new

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Preview of KADE miniConsole+ Gamepad Mapper Software

The KADE miniConsole+ device supports a great many systems, retro gamepads and controllers.  Best of all,  the device is plug and play. Plug and play is great but we think there will be some of you that like to tinker

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First ever- direct 3rd party USB Wii U input! February Kickstarter.

First ever- direct 3rd party usb controller input to the Wii U! We are super excited about all the new features we are adding tot he KADE miniConsole+.  As we get ready for our February kickstarter, we want to show

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KADE miniConsole+ KickStarter

  We’ll be dishing out information and updates over the coming days and weeks in the run up to our KickStarter campaign. Remember to sign up (on the right of page) to receive email updates from the KADE team.

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Kickstarter launched and funded in 11 hours!

Well, what can we say… We are all amazed and overwhelmed by the level of support we have recieved so-far, it is truly inspiring to know that the community is backing KADE and we are really proud of the device

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