KADE miniConsole+ Gamepad Mapper Software (Beta)

Beta releases of the KADE miniConsole+ Gamepad Mapper software are now available for download. The software has been tested successfully with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Mac OSX (10.10-Yosemite, 10.11-El Capitan). A Linux version will be made available soon.

This short video shows the Gamepad Mapper (an older version) in action.

To install the software, simply download and extract the file contents to a folder on your machine.
Select the download corresponding to your system.

Windows OS


Note that the KADE miniConsole+ device itself is plug and play out of the box so this companion utility is not essential and is not aimed at everyone. The utility is intended for those that want to tinker with the settings and make changes to the default gamepad assignments.

We have put out this early release, ahead of the Kickstarter rewards shipment, so we can get feedback and address any installation and usage issues before you receive your devices. Please try out the software and let us have your feedback.

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