RetroArch now comes with official support for miniConsole+

KADE miniConsole+ is now officially supported by RetroArch emulator software and many of its derivative gaming frontends which run on systems including Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows, Mac, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox and Xbox360.

RetroArch automatically configures the controls when miniConsole+ is connected including all of the menu navigation controls and button combos which are used to exit games (e.g. Select+Start on SNES gamepad, Start+Up on Saturn gamepad).

In this video, I show a RetroArch based frontend called “Lakka” which runs on Raspberry Pi. I had this system set up and running on my Rasp Pi Model B+ in a matter of minutes. I simply downloaded and flashed the latest Rasp Pi image to an SD card. No controller setup was necessary.

Official support for miniConsole+ is provided in the latest release of Lakka.
Read more on the Lakka news page.

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